USB Security

Like a vault for your portable drive. The best choice to maintain perfect USB security by password-protecting your USB containing private images, personal documents, numerous unending memories, business contracts etc.

High-light Features:

- High-strength encryption based on AES256

- Simple-to-use Design

- Compatible with all brands/kinds of removable USB storage device

- Compatible with FAT/NTFS/exFAT disk format

- Password-protection, access control and hiding files on USB disk

- Top rated USB encryption and security software for 2 years


Testimonials of USB Security


Paula O'Reilly

Key Account Manager

My client loves how easy it is for them to encrypt and protect their USB drives.
Easy to use and reliable.
Simple yet effective protection.


Rohan Thomson

Head of Development

The software gives my important document password protection on the USB flash drives that I needed the most and, other than that, it also makes them edit proof and delete proof and hide sensitive files. These three features are really useful and are my favorites.


Martin von Berdich

Chief Executive

Professionally developed software!
I’ve tried similar software which “claimed” to be the best, but USB Security is perhaps the best one out of the lot. If you don’t have a lot of money to spare on an encrypted USB drive, I highly recommend you buying this software.


Paula Smith

Head of Sales Department

This is the greatest and most outstanding USB security software on the market I was looking for a way in which I could lock all my folders on my external drive, so I began searching for USB security software. USB secure was the first result that popped through. This is the most professional one I have tried.