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How to password protect USB drive?

As we all know, flash drives and similar portable storage devices are becoming more and more all-pervading globally. People use them at home, at work, at school and other scenarios you can imagine due to their plug and play features. Unfortunately, there are more than 27 million reports regarding USB flash drives losing or theft which will cause data leakage and disclosure because most people use them to save the business and confidential data.

Now, USB Security enables you to secure all types of private and confidential data dwelling in flash devices and safeguard such files against leakage of business and breach of personal information.

It is so easy to use without any profession computer skills needed.

To secure your flash drives to make it become a password-protect USB flash drive, just follow below 3 steps:

1, Run the USBSecu on PC, instead of USB flash drive.

2, Select which USB drive you would like to secure and click ‘Install’ button.

3, Enter your password and last click ‘Protect’ button to finish.